Since 2005, we have provided trustworthy and repeatable audio-visual synchronization measurements to film and video production facilities, editors, software designers, broadcasters, and a surprising number of multi-national companies on every continent. Syncheck3 retains our best features and brings more.



Highly accurate AV error measurements from hundreths of a frame up to 1/2 second.

Simultaneous readouts in milliseconds and fractions of frames.

Works with any frame rate, standard selections from 12 to 60 fps.

History buffer keeps up to 40 measurements, with step viewer and calculation of average error and "span" (maximum deviation)...

High contrast blue and white LCD screen, 2x16 characters, backlight adjustable for daylight to darkness.

High/low light sensitivity range select .

Improved “long mask” detection mode is the best yet for highly reverberant environments.

Rugged professional mini-XLR audio input connector.

Remote switching between internal microphone and external line input.

Low battery drain and power saver timers greatly extend battery life.




  • Built-in microphone for self contained operation

  • Simple and quick one-handed operation

  • Timing resolution of +-.03 milliseconds

  • Absolute or relative measurement mode

  • All settings are recalled from one use to the next

  • Totally self-contained operation with a standard 9-volt battery

  • Alignment files and line input cable included

  • CE conformance, FCC compliance, lead-free and RoHs-compliant materials



  • Audio Input level between 50mv and 3v, RMS.

  • Audio line input uses a female 3 pin “mini xlr”, Switchcraft TA3FSH or similar

  • Minimum required acoustic level (3KHz pips) 66db at the microphone, gain trimmer fully clockwise

  • Microphone gain trimmer range 18db

  • Maximum measured A/V error time 500 milliseconds

  • Internal timing resolution +- .032 milliseconds

  • Audio to video timing error with 3kHz pips positive phase, better than .09ms

  • Audio to video timing error with 3kHz pips 180 negative phase (worst case), better than .25ms

  • Power from 9V standard alkaline battery or any DC voltage +5.7 to +12.0V, low ripple

  • Battery Life 8 to 45 hours depending on LCD backlight setting, 18 hours using default (50%) brightness. When shut off, Syncheck3 continues to draw approx 12 microamps. This tiny current will not impact battery life significantly but it is recommended to remove the battery for long term storage.

  • Operating temperature 35°F (2°C) to 120°F (49°C)

  • Dimentions: 5.75L x 3.6W x 1.3H, (147mm x 92mm x 33mm)

  • Shipping weight 1lb, 2lb to international destinations, actual weight without battery approx 6 oz. (.17kg)




-- For further information regarding SyncChecker 3, please contact Ivor or Jess --